SIS-119  [2019-2]

Your exam papers are scanned and will be graded online.
So, all students taking the exam are supposed to follow the instructions below. 

  1. Your handwriting must be clear and readable. Write your name, surname and ID number, inside the indicated regions on the exam sheet with a pen.

  2. When writing your personal information, use CAPITAL LETTERS and English characters.

  3. Do not forget to sign your paper, and write down your personal information on each side of your exam paper.
    Otherwise, your paper may NOT be graded.

  4. When writing your solutions, use the specific blank regions just below each question. Do NOT use somewhere else.

  5. Write your solutions in the conventional fashion: left to right, top to bottom. Otherwise, the reader cannot tell how to read what you have written, and you may lose credit.
    We graders are not mind-readers. It is not our job to "figure out" what you might mean; it is your job to "say" what you mean, in the manner of expressions established in lectures and textbooks.
    All we have is the finished product of your writing, and this is what you are graded on.

Please submit your student ID to SIS-119 interface in order to display the records consisting of information such as sections, exam rooms, exam scores, etc...